Betrayed on Purpose

My first introduction to pain was one that made me question “Lord, haven’t I been through enough.” So “why me”? And then I heard the Lord say, “Why Not You”? You see I can recall being the only little girl at prayer service in my grandparents house listening to the old folks sing hymnals and pray. I can remember my grandfather praying and calling God “a healer, a mind regulator, and a way out of no way” and he would start his prayer off with so much conviction as if he truly had seen God’s hand move just in this way.

God took me back to that moment when I began crying out to Him asking why had I been betrayed, and what good could come from all of this brokenness. Then he reminded of the scripture “It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes.” Psalms‬ ‭119:71‬ ‭KJV‬‬.

As a little girl hearing these prayers and these scriptures didn’t mean much to me. However, today they are the words and prayers that I rest on. How could I  pray like my grandparents and know with everything in me that God was a healer, unless I become sick and need him to heal me. How else would I know him to be a mind regulator, unless I needed him to keep me in perfect peace when the pain was so great that all I wanted to do was retaliate against my enemy, and how would I know him to make a way out of no way, unless I find myself in a hopeless situation crying out “Hosanna”.

Pain has ability to shift us into purpose. We tend to see more people rush to God when the pain shows up and becomes too hard for us to bear in our own strength. This is when we begin to know him as a present help, when we are helpless. We begin to know him more when we need him more. Although, we know that weapons will form; we can always rest assure that they won’t prosper because of our connection to the “way maker.”

I challenge you to allow your pain to betray you because what the enemy means for bad God always turns it around for our good! Never allowing his word to return unto us void. In our pain is where our purpose lies and the only way to experience purpose you must experience pain first.

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  • This was so timely…I was just pondering on this today. I’ve always been so scared to experience a certain level of pain, making me less vulnerable and ensuring that walls of “protection” are always up. However, though the Lord has been so patient with me, He has recently shifted something within me that has made me desired Him more regardless of that pain. It’s amazing when your “Yes” has a purpose and reaches the “very bottom of the well.” You give all you could and trust that your emptiness will be filled with His strength, love, joy and whatever else is needed for you to still stand and trust again and again. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yanira