Financially Divorced

Financially Divorced: The After Life 💰

1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV) states: “ For the love of money is the root of all evil...”; although, there have been many interpretations, I assess that money is a tool that allows us to develop certain defiant characteristics in which can become our emotional and mental prison and keep us bound to evil circumstances and unhealthy relationships. The moment I realized that money had become a divisive tool to keep me bound to evil circumstances and unhealthy relationships, I knew that all the money in the world could not buy me happiness in a broken marriage or keep me bound to an unpurposed relationship. 🤔

As I became aware of how divisive money was used to control me in my marriage, I knew that I no longer desired to stay in my marriage for the financial benefits. I was aware that divorce could cause me to be a single mom and force me to become financially reliant upon myself but I was determined to take back my peace and find my financial identity. 💰

In making the decision to walk away from my marriage, the first question I asked God was “how will I make it if I separated from my husband?” As I meditated on God’s word, I heard the still small voice respond and ensure me that I would make it with HIM.💕

The question, that whirled around in my mind, was how will I keep up the lifestyle and image I had become accustomed to. In assessing my accustomed image and lifestyle, I had to question was it really me in the image I portrayed or was it who I allowed the money and the marriage to create me to be?👀

I’ll get bare and vulnerable and tell you that it was hard to decide that I was going to leave the person I had committed my life to AND lose the image and lifestyle I had worked for! That fear of being alone with who I thought I was and becoming who God was calling me to become was enough to break me down and thrust myself into assessing who God has called me to be and where I was trusting Him to bring me financially. 💰

Here I was, the woman who had the six figure job, the big house, the car, the successful spouse, and two perfect kids hidden behind all of the glitter, elaborate trips, designer clothes and designer bags was a pile high of debt, masked with brokenness, and no trust in my spouse to support our union. Despite what it looked like, I knew the truth and I knew my truth. I was broke financially and broken spiritually, mentally and emotionally. With the ingredients for a disastrous financial divorce, I felt the burden of this financial mess. I’d just taken a commission-based job after being laid off from my previous job. I knew that God was my only source for becoming not only physically divorced from my husband but also becoming financially divorced.✍🏽

The moment I heard God say “You have to break this cycle and trust me to help you”, I did not worry about my checking account, my salary, or my future because the truth was I was so tired and bitter living in my present moment, I became desperate for God. Whatever He desired for me to let go, I knew I had to do just that because I was hollow inside. My need for peace was greater than my desire for Facebook/ Instagram likes to help validate my brokenness. 👩🏽‍💻

As I have been on this journey to wholeness, I realized that instead of us blessing God for the finances, we make money the bandaid to hide our wounds temporarily from the world. At that point money becomes our god. This method is what makes the love of money the root of all evil, because we then find ourselves needing more and more money to give us a temporary assurance that our wounds will be covered. This vicious cycle is comparable to a bathroom that is “out of service”. ⛔️

Once you become tired of being a slave to pain, camouflaging your smile, and being obsessed with making enough money just to hide your brokenness, that is when “the breakthrough” shows up. 

I decided that I was going to trust God for real, and I knew that my peace and God’s will for my life was more important than being validated by people who didn’t matter. Honestly, most of them were in the same prison as me. This is the moment when God changed the way I valued finances. 💯

To be completely honest, it is tough to pull yourself out of destructive behavior that got you in the mess that you are in financially BUT with God there is HOPE. With my 11 years of banking experience 2 Masters degrees: one in Banking & Financial Management and one MBA, I am well versed in all areas relating to banking. I am so glad that I carry a wealth of knowledge that I am elated to share with each of you! If you would like to know more about how to come out of financial solitary confinement and into financial freedom, also known as Kingdom Living, sign up for the MasterClass that will enable you to learn about the Afterlife...Finances After Divorce.‼️

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