Mistaken Identity

There was a time when I thought my identity was defined by what I had overcome. As time has gone on I have been able to understand that the people, places and things that I thought once defined me; those things didn’t even know me authentically.  There are times when we believe that being a victorious over our trials are what defines our identities, or who we are in relationship with defines our identity, or ever better that our accomplishments define our identity. It isn’t until we began to peel back the paths that we had to take to even meet victory that there lies who we truly are at our core.

Although, you survived your trial and we are all happy that you did, have you ever taken time out to examine how did you actually make it through?  What tactics did you use daily when things weren’t looking up, and your faith was wavering about how God truly felt about you, what did you do then? Examining your actions while you are “growing” through tells you more about yourself and your identity then the victory ever will.

Where did your strength truly come from when that job ended, when that relationship failed, when your child was headed for self destruction, and then that unexpected loss of your family member happened that shook up the family tree. Who were you when you couldn’t hear God speaking?

There are moments when I am lost, that I find myself with a mistaken identity complex.  Looking in the mirror daily and not recognizing the woman I am becoming. The woman that I dreamed of being, I wasn’t being in reality.  I believe that after suffering in a cycle for a while a part of you becomes numb to the pain and you inadvertently begin to self medicate and sometimes no longer care about the dream you once had.

All of these things are the trick of the enemy. His desire is to make you lose sight of the vision that God gave you for your life, and tell you in those moments of vulnerability that you were mistaken. God didn’t promise you something so great like being able to

make your name great across the nations. Furthermore if he was going to do all of that why would He choose you? Don’t you remember what you have done, who you couldn’t forgive, and how down right ruthless you have been.

But then God swoops in and removes our sins and reminds us of the blood he shed so that we wouldn’t have to live under the stigma of “Mistaken Identity”.

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