Moving In Silence

I used to believe that my silence would save us, but instead it was the very thing that destroyed us, our plans, and all that we had built.  Silence is the number one killer in all areas of life; whether it be your health, your finances, or even a relationship. The inability to acknowledge and communicate about your pain will always prolong the healing process and in some cases kill the vision.

Imagine having a disease that moved in silence. It was so silent that you had NO symptoms or knowledge that anything was wrong, and then one day you just die suddenly and an autopsy report says you had cancer. Sure there were signs and symptoms along the way, but believing that if you didn’t acknowledge the problem it would help to make it less real. 

In our reactions lied the evidence of our sickness, but too afraid of judgement and the response of the other person we elected to move in silence. Ultimately, becoming the walking dead.

This story is one that ALL of us can relate to. Move in silence so as the enemy is suffocating your purpose, you die amongst the very people who loved you and those who needed you to survive. Due to the lack of strength to speak out and say “we have a problem here” the rest of the world is left to deal with the reaction of the “silent killer”.

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