PTSD of Relationships: Emotions Overriding My Reality

Was it the emotional connection that was driving me crazy or the intimate connection that I couldn’t get enough of?


What do you do when you emotionally desire the very thing that threatens your mental being. My PTSDrevealed that my heart wasn’t over the last trauma, and so it was easy to connect my heart with a fleeting emotion. Truth is, I just needed a quick refuge from the heartbreak; so I ran into your web that ultimately created a situationship.

Should I stay or should I go? Is it love or is it lust? In my mind, I knew the answer but my heart wouldn’t allow me to accept my reality. So I chose the easy way out, and buried my desires, suffocated my heart, and lied to my mind that I would only do this one last time.


Emotions Overriding My Reality

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