Week 2: Truth IS...

The truth is, I think about you often. There are many moments when hearing your voice is all I need to calm my day. I’m simple, my love language is simple, and loving you, to me, is just that - simple. The ease of the love I dream of us sharing comprises two people enjoying the freedom of being themselves. No secrets, no judgement,  just pure understanding of the other person.

If I had my way, I’d put pride aside and call just to hear your voice. I’d be vulnerable enough to tell you exactly how hearing you speak was all that I needed today. My desire is to be able to fit into your world, to be as Ruth was - sitting at the feet of Boaz. I’d lay on your knees and listen to you share your heart. I want to hear your dreams, your goals, your ideas of what our future looks like. Having you share such raw and sincere thoughts with me would be like listening to my favorite smooth jazz tune. I long to get lost in your heart, holding on to every word you utter and in my mind, wandering off as I envision the beautiful life we’ll share. 

Thinking of you is my getaway from the world. I imagine being on a deserted island...left alone with my thoughts of you. Hearing the wind brisk across my face, the sand in between my toes, and the waves gushing in rapidly, all while imagining laying on your chest as we strategize how to take the world by storm - for the glory of God.

As I time your inhaling and exhaling, I find myself breathing in sync with you. I don't even want to breathe out of the rhythm with you. You are my favorite getaway from this cruel world, your arms are the shields that protect me, and your heart plays the perfect tune that calms my fears. It’s the intimacy of you that makes this getaway beyond what my limited vocabulary can utter.

You for me to be continued...

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  • Love it!! My sentiments exactly! ♥️

    • Shecarra
  • Yasssss! Can’t wait for next week!

    • Tiffany Jiles