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Before you were even thought of by your mother and father, God created you, He designed you, with purpose.

Living in a world where society is constantly telling us-women, who we should be, what we should look like, and tell us where our place is, we've lost parts of our identity. And first of all, a woman's place is anywhere God sends her! 



When we don't know why we were created we allow others to tell us why. "You're a woman, you belong in the kitchen", "Women don't belong in politics", "women aren't called to preach",  etc. Dr. Myles Munroe said it best " Where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable".  It is beyond time to start acting our design ladies. 



Yes, we were designed to be helpmeets, we were sent here to be fruitful and multiply but we are also created to be spiritual warriors, to speak to the purpose in others, to build up our communities, to speak life, create safe havens, legacies, and so much more. For us to find our true identity, to go back to our original intent before it was polluted, we must look to the one who created us, God.  Purpose determines the design, and design determines the need. Where are you needed? 






 Written by: Shika Sims

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