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I wanted to be the woman that he had prayed for, but first had to BECOME the woman that deserved to be prayed for!

No man or woman prays for a broken partner, that hasn’t healed from childhood trauma and past relationship hurt. I have not encountered a man that has prayed for a woman that is so bitter, mean, and guarded that climbing her mountain of past pains would be like vacationing in his favorite spot!
Lastly, I have never heard a man or woman praying for God to send them a terrible mate, that will make them feel horrible about themselves and keep them from reaching their purpose.
People always pray for good things to come to them, and I had to first become a good thing to God and myself, before even considering being a fraction of good to someone else. Often times we focus on being an amazing person for someone else, but completely forget to be an amazing person that God himself can use for great works! The word reminds us that no good thing will God withhold from us when we seek him and are operating in our PURPOSE.
I knew for me that this had to mean that if I focused more on proper order, healing, and allowing God to clear up the areas that were still “under construction” in my heart, then I would no longer have to worry about “when” my Boaz would appear, but be more mindful about being ready for when he did! If God’s promises are “Yes and Amen” then surely that means that whatever He promised me would appear in the right season.
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 Author, Lauren G Jackson 

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