Becoming Uniquely You

I once believed that being a wife, mom, and focusing on climbing the corporate ladder all where things that defined who I was as a person.  It wasn’t until I began to really discover who I was in God, that I  really began to discover  who I was uniquely.

Sometimes pain can begin to make you feel like there is something wrong with you, or you must be doing something that justifies the treatment that you have been receiving.  All of these negative thoughts are nothing more than seeds planted by the enemy to make you become uninterested in defining who you are and most importantly who you are in GOD.

As I began to dispel the thoughts that the enemy tried to trick me with, I found myself to be fearless, intuitive, self confident, able to take risk, but most importantly I learned how to live out loud on Purpose. The best feeling in the world is being able to live freely without the concerns of what the “Nay sayers” are saying, but embracing what God says about you.

Embracing who you are uniquely at your core requires you to be able to address your areas of opportunities and being okay with them! Not staying stuck in it! Being okay with healthy feedback that can only help to propel you forward as a person.  There you will find the uniqueness in you!

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