Desired Love

During my time by the lake sometime last week, a question arose. Have you been loved the way you desired to be loved? Have you been able to Love fully? Have we settled with just okay love, for one reason or another?


Maybe because of brokenness, not understanding what love is, or never seeing a real example. I can honestly say that I haven't been loved the way I desired to be loved.



It was either, I was in a broken season of my life and felt like I couldn't do any better,  or the other person was broken and couldn't receive the bigness of my love. I believe the only way we can receive, and or give love is by truly finding ourselves, going through the healing process, and going back to our original state before we knew pain, rejections, or betrayal. Only then(in my opinion) will be able to experience love, Godly love.




Lady Shika Sims 

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