Do You Struggle With Trust?

Life was designed to teach us many lessons, and each person that God allows us to encounter carries a purpose, and sometimes a test of our trust and faith. If asked about the obstacles that have kept us from pursuing our purpose, personal goals, or even being open to receiving love, many of us would have a list of items that we could confidently say were obstacles. But what if the real obstacle was your inability to TRUST.

Trust is a five-letter word that often plagues us from experiencing true and authentic joy. We trust with skepticism, which robs us of the true feeling of freedom. Others trust based on other people's responses to what they are doing, and when your trust is predicated on the people you surround yourself with, you will find yourself not even trusting your gut.

To be quite honest, I robbed myself of trusting the process, and I am guilty of allowing history to be the very thing I used to test others who were only trying to be in my future. Not trusting yourself oftentimes introduces you to more comfortable behaviors that eventually lead you to a dysfunctional lifestyle that you adopt as your truth.

True freedom happens when you can accept that hearing the word “NO” will never kill you, being disappointed won’t damage you and that every pain comes with a beauty mark, called lessons. If you desire true fulfillment, you first must assess do you trust yourself enough to be filled?

I struggled with TRUST for years, because I struggled with trusting myself for that long. My past decisions made me insecure about my abilities to choose RIGHT, but I must admit that all of my greatest lessons came from moments when I had to figure out the difference between choosing Right and BEING the right person!
- Coach , Lauren J.

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