Naked & Ashamed

He wanted to know what kept me so guarded, and he wouldn’t stop asking the hard questions until I gave in and told him the truth. The truth was I had never allowed myself to be vulnerable with anyone, this was my first trial at ever explaining how what I had lived through affected the way I showed up in relationships. I wanted to be vulnerable with him, as I looked in his bright, brown eyes, filled with so much empathy and love, but I couldn’t help but hear my insecurities whisper, “He will eventually hurt you, so you would do better not letting him in”

So I sat there in silence as his eyes searched my eyes for answers to the question that he would not stop asking. He repeated his question again, “Can you trust me enough, to let me see the scars on your heart?” As badly as I wanted to answer him, I began to open my mouth but I couldn’t get a word to come out. The five seconds that we sat in silence, felt like 5 hours and as I swallowed so hard I could hear the loud noise in my ear,I then opened my mouth without reservations and whispered gently “YES”.....
Coach, Lauren J
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