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The Ruth’s Lifestyle:

Your desire to connect to another soul should include you first wanting to be a benefit or an addition to their life. Too many times women and men connect for selfish reasons such as: being lonely, bored, and wanting to use them to get over the last bad breakup.
God, always desired us to be in some form of a relationship whether it be a friendship, business partner, or romantic. His design was that we would need one another, and most importantly need Him.
What happens when we abuse that “need” for our own personal gain? When we decide to make a permanent decision in a temporary season, that derails the next 10 years of our lives all because we moved out of our own deficiencies. This is where we see the seed of brokenness planted, later grown into a tree of dysfunction, and ultimately producing the fruit of desperation. This description is not a “God design”, but rather it is the results of us choosing our desires over God’s will for our lives.
Here in the Ruth’s lifestyle, I will allow you to come into my intimate space called vulnerability, and join the movement of uprooting those dysfunctional plants so that God can plant in us productive fruit that will nourish the earth forever.
Welcome to Ruth’s Lifestyle.
 Author, Lauren Jackson 

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