The Cost Of Loving You

There was a time I would do anything for your love and I believed that if I did ALL of those things for your love then you would give me everything I dreamed of. Not realizing that doing anything for you love meant not doing anything that God would have me to do, sacrificing my purpose, question my worth, and lowering my expectations just so you could feel like you accomplished something.

I believed by lowering the bar and you being able to meet that lower expectation it would give you the confidence to reach higher, but all it did was make you become become comfortable with the lowest level of me. So then I found myself not reaching higher as well, not chasing after my goals, not living fearlessly on purpose, and feeling empty on the inside. The enemy will have you believing that in order to receive love you have to do anything, but God reminds us that he gave us his love willingly and freely when he went to the cross. So there’s no need for you to do ANYTHING for his love but to STRATEGICALLY choose to love him back. Give him props when they are due and never forget all it took for him to bless you. The enemies plan is to make it seem like it’s too hard for you and if it’s too hard for you that it has to be too hard for God. But God doesn’t work in our strength, HE works the strength that he places in us.

So understand true love doesn’t come with the price tag and if the only way you’re ever going to receive true love is by the actions that you do for someone else, in which doesn’t line up with the will of God then it isn’t true love. It’s selfishness wrapped in manipulation because trust me he has duplicated these same demands numerous times on someone else. To the enemy, your just new prey, and if he can stop you from praying then  he knows he can disconnect you from God. By doing that, it prolongs the process of your purposeful pain. Trust in this, the enemies hope is when he knocks you down you never get back up again. On purpose!

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