The Ruth Lifestyle: The Importance of Waiting On God

The wait is to extend the goodness of the outcome. Remember just as God is preparing you, your future husband is being prepared too.

We shouldn't let loneliness and our time clock rush us or cause us to settle for \"ok\" relationships. God's desire is for us to have the best! So we mustn't skip any steps in the process. Allow God to work out the details and or work IN us. If we are truly honest, some of us aren't ready for marriage yet. There is still work to be done and that is why marriage hasn't happened. Not because you're unworthy but because you're not ready. More pruning has to take place. When the wife is ready the husband will appear.
Lady Shika Sims,
 "Those who wait on God to keep His promise will not be disappointed"
Isaiah 40:31

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