Vulnerability: Naked & Ashamed

Life has a way of bringing things back around full circle and as I stood there in front of him, I was grateful
that God had brought him right back around to my life. The word of God reminds us that everything
comes in its appropriate season, and that anything birthed out of season can quickly become a burden,
no longer being a blessing.
The cool thing about God is that instead of denying our blessings he will delay them and save for them
later.  In this moment, I was experiencing redemptive love, the type of love that you read about in the
Songs of Solomon, and most importantly I was experiencing God’s promises. Although, the man I
encountered thought that I had been running from him, truth was I had been running away from my truth
and vulnerability. I wasn’t ready when we first met to expose myself, to the point where he could come in
and love me authentically. As God was preparing me to bear my soul, he was preparing him to receive it.
Although there were times when I questioned God’s reasoning and never seemed to receive an answer,
in this moment I knew I had heard God. Yes, this time I was reassured that every tear, rant, and
frustrating conversation I previously had with God over the years had been heard, every single one, and
placed in the heart of the man He had chosen for me. Yes, to be totally honest, I was emotionally naked,
but finally as I allowed him to pour his affirming love out on me, I was no longer ashamed!


Coach, Lauren J

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