What To Do While Waiting. #RuthLifestyle

There are an unlimited amount of things you can do while in your waiting period or process so don't limit yourself to just Bible study lol.

Don't misunderstand this on purpose. Prayer, study, and meditation are vital. Trust me your future husband is going to love that you can pray the paint off the walls, have the gift of tongues, and can quote Bible scriptures. ALL Great qualities to have... but what else. Here are a few suggestions:


1. Build Your Personal Relationships... Basic core values-- trust, love, communication, loyalty, and integrity.

2.Develop Your Mind & Skill... Read more, take courses that will develop your weaknesses, gifts, and skills.

3.Get Your House In Order... This includes cleaning, organization, schedules, children. 4.Creating a safe haven for your family. A place of peace, love, and joy. Start setting the

atmosphere now.

5.Growing The Fruit Of The Spirit... The following of the Holy Spirit produces love, joy, peace, temper, kindness, goodness, & faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

6.Serve... Continue to serve in your calling. Volunteer at your church and in your community. Lift your brothers and sisters, up. Help those who need what you have(talents, gifts, and treasures).

7.Develop Good Money Habits... Save, tithe, invest, GIVE, and create a budget.

8. Live... Don't wait till after your wedding day to live. Embrace and enjoy your singleness. Take trips, start that business, date yourself, mingle, exercise, cook, treat yourself, hang around family and friend as much as you would love to.

 Your future and future husband deserve the best version of you. If marriage is a desire waiting on God is a requirement.

Lady, Shika Sims


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